Loan money as a student – Consumption loan as a student in education

Are you a student in education, in need of more money in the account? It is a situation that many students and students can relate to. It is expensive to live outside, where you have to pay rent, food and all the fixed expenses.

If you want to borrow money as a student, you can easily and easily apply online. There are many loan companies to choose from and as long as you meet the age requirement, the options are good.

Conmer loans as a student in education

Conmer loans as a student in education

If you want to take out a conmer loan as a student in education, you are wise to thoroughly familiarize yourself with the possibilities, especially if you meet the age requirement. Here you can compare and apply without obligation:

It is completely free to apply just as you do not commit to anything. We recommend that you apply for conmer loans as a student with at least 2 providers, to give yourself the best possible starting point.

Good advice for students

There are many young Danes who do not have the necessary knowledge and experience with financial concepts and loans in various contexts. It can have serious consequences if you do not know what you are going for or what implications a conmer loan can have for your home economy.

We want to help you get started in many ways, so you hopefully avoid the worst mistakes and take out overly expensive loans. Here at least you will find a number of good tips you should take with you.

Get control of the amount available

You need to start by controlling the amount available. It is crucial in financial and borrowing contexts. Without that knowledge, you may not know how your finances are connected.

The availability provides clarity on your income, expenses and what you have left for conmption. Or in this case, what you have left to pay the monthly allowance. There are many calculators on the net for this purpose, among other things. this one at Good Finance.

Choose the correct loan amount and maturity

Choose the correct loan amount and maturity

The next point is the relationship between loan amount and maturity. There are two elements to choose from during the application, but which are closely linked. For the more you borrow, the higher the monthly benefit (if the period is the same). Conversely, a longer maturity may make the total cost greater, but the monthly benefit less. So the golden middle ground must be found.

The right relationship is a loan amount of exactly what you need, with a maturity that provides a monthly payment that you can pay month after month.

OPP is the key

If you have read about loans before, you probably have come across the concept of AOP. An expression of the total annual cost, with all that it entails. Here, no expensive or hidden fees can be swept under the carpet. It all becomes visible and easy to relate to.

When you have applied for and received offers back, you should therefore focus on choosing the lowest OPP. It is the cheapest loan. Don’t focus too much on interest rates.

No bonding, no presre

Lastly, it is worth remembering that there is no binding or presre on you to sign the loan agreement. It is entirely up to yourself and you are wise to consider the decision carefully. Whether it takes 1, 2 or 3 days. Loan money as a student if you need the money, but otherwise not. It is a serious financial decision that should not be hurried.

You are always free to reject all offers and drop the idea. The choice and opportunities are on your side as a young student. You have reasonable chances of being approved if you need money for education . The important thing is that you apply for the right places where you meet the age requirement, as it can range from 18 to 23 years.

Challenges for you as a student

Challenges for you as a student

There are two challenges in particular if you want to borrow money as a student. Partly there is the age requirement of certain providers that we have already considered, and secondly there is your current income. You have the opportunity to get a student salary that according to the Education Guide is between USD 9,500 – 12,500 as a start, with the possibility of increasing bsequently. As a relt of Sudent loan support, this will mean that you have a higher income than other students without a job. It will clearly give you better loan chances as a student.

Here we go in depth with the two key aspects that influence your choices a lot.


The age requirement is a very easy and tangible size, because if you are not old enough, it is like no longer. However, you can be optimistic, because there are many providers to choose from, even if you are only 18-19 years old. The age requirements typically differ at 18, 20 and 23 years. So the older you are, the more choices.

That said, you will still have a handful of options to choose from, even if you are very young. The majority of providers simply require you to be 20 years old. Be sure to be aware of this aspect before you apply so you don’t end up wasting your time.

The income

Income is another key parameter for whether you are approved or not. You must consider your income as the money that will help you pay the monthly benefit. In general, Danish students and students receive SU support, so it provides a starting point, although many will have similar expenses for rent, food etc.

The student salary of typically USD 9,500 – 12,500 will give you a really good starting point and that is something you have the opportunity to agree with the company while you are in education. This is clearly something you should look for as it will give you a lot of useful knowledge and professional experience, as well as strengthen your personal finances and loan opportunities.