Author: Kathleen Billings

Personal Loan

Get rid of credit card debt – with a personal loan

We talk about everything: our work, our vacation, even our love life. However, as soon as money is involved, it becomes quiet. Especially when it comes to existing debts. Money is the last taboo. People still don’t want to talk about finance. They are uncomfortable talking about how much they earn, how much they save, or how much they spend. See for an illustration


Credit for debtors

Any lending of money involves risk. Before you take out a loan or credit you should consider whether this is your last resort. Once, the only institutions that lent us money were banks. Along with the development of technology and economy, non-bank institutions have been created that mainly borrow via the Internet. Their main advantages […]


Loan money for the living room

The living room is often the central space of the home, and it is important that there is nice, personal and most of all nice to be. Here the whole family or friends can gather for a nice time. Whether your living room needs the utmost amount of renovation, or if you just want to […]

Mortgage Loan

The mortgage ceiling by Loan Lender

It has now become clear that Loan Lender decides on a mortgage ceiling of 85%. This was not immediately a surprising decision, but everyone had expected it after the warning. Previously, this ceiling was at 90% and this means that now another 5% has to be arranged. Either you have to have more cash saved […]


Loan money as a student – Consumption loan as a student in education

Are you a student in education, in need of more money in the account? It is a situation that many students and students can relate to. It is expensive to live outside, where you have to pay rent, food and all the fixed expenses. If you want to borrow money as a student, you can […]


How to Get Real Zero Rate Loans? Who Grants Them?

How to get real zero rate loans Loans at zero rate represent a particular type of consumer credit and provide the possibility for the final consumer to purchase goods or services and pay the cost with a repayment plan in monthly installments. However, zero-rate loans are not necessarily real zero-rate loans. What does it mean? […]

Loan Online

Important remembering rules before applying for a loan online

When you borrow money online and fill out various applications, it is important that you do it carefully and well prepared. It gives you the best conditions for making a cheap loan that matches your needs and finances. Rules before applying for a loan Especially the latter is crucial so that you can pay the […]


What is the outstanding balance of a debt?

Among so many interest and fees, the one with the outstanding balance gets complicated when it comes to understanding how the calculation works and what is increased and decreased in the initial amount of an outstanding debt. Incurring interest on the outstanding balance can be a big nightmare. But with some understanding of how the […]